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Now Brewing Hot: Brazilian Coffee

By Philip Sherman  

When we think of the best coffee, we primarily think of Brazilian coffee. This is because Brazil produces some of the world's best coffee and has done so for the past 150 years! It all started in 1727 in Pará, Brazil, when Francisco de Melo Palheta planted the first tree. With coffee production starting in Pará, it arrived in Rio de Janeiro gradually by 1770.

Initially, it was planted just for the sole consumption of Brazil. All things changed in the 19th century when Europe and America started demanding more of this Brazilian coffee. So by 1820, plantations started to take root in the Brazilian regions of Mina Gerais, São Paulo, and Rio de Janeiro---by then, the country was producing 20% of the world's coffee. When 1830 came, coffee was the largest export of Brazil, which was already 30% of the world's production!

From the span of 1880 to 1930, Brazil had a substantial increase in coffee production. By 1920, Brazil supplied 80% of the world's coffee (imagine having almost the entire world dependent on you for coffee!). In more recent times, Brazil supplies almost 60% of the world's total production (still not a bad feat to be producing for more than half the world).

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So, why was there such a clamor for Brazilian coffee and why is it still true today? Perhaps it can be credited to their unique picking method. Brazil strip picks it traditionally---this means that they will only make a pass or two on a tree. So if there is uneven ripening, all levels of ripeness are chosen.

But even beyond their traditional picking method, Brazil makes such great tasting coffee because they go the natural and pulped natural method route in terms of processing. If you would ask a regular Brazilian on the street about this method, they might just inform you that this traditional processing for the past 150 years (even before pulping machines were available) has helped create this very unique Brazilian coffee blend of complexity and sweetness.

What many do not realize, however, is that Brazilian coffee is very popular, also because of its great diversity throughout the country. Traditionally and through specialty coffee, Brazilian coffee is known to be nutty, mildly sweet, and full of body. Nowadays, through advancements in processing and sorting, it can be intensely sweet with chocolate and caramel notes and complimentary acidic.

The different coffee growing regions in the country also brings about the diversity in Brazilian coffee. In the largest coffee-growing region of Brazil, Minas Gerais covers 50% of the country's production and produces its main specialty coffee sources. The region of São Paulo, on the other hand, is one of the more traditional areas in Brazil for growing, producing pure Arabica coffee, and home to Port of Santos, where coffee leaves Brazil. Espiritu Santo, another growing region, is second in Brazilian coffee production, with 28% of its coffee being Arabica. The warm climate and high altitude region of Bahia, farms 75% Arabica coffee, while the Parana region grows Arabica coffee exclusively. Lastly, the region of Rodonia is dedicated solely to Conilon or Robusta coffee.

So now, when you take a sip or two of this coffee, remember that many generations and regions of Brazil have come together to give you your perfect cup of piping hot Brazilian coffee. Enjoy!

Health Benefits Of Tea That Change The Drink

By Terri J Mills  

The wonders of tea come in many different ways. There are tons of health benefits to the drink and since it's a part of some people's evening and mornings it becomes something that has a larger effect. People breathe their own life into these things and it's the reason why tea is noticed as a healthy snack. This means that among the many health benefits of tea there is somewhat of a hidden idea that attitude matters and that with scientific proof, there is an increase in awareness for people who drink tea and it just keeps increasing.

Tea is known to have antioxidants that are lending themselves to the rejuvenation of the body and the mind. When a person has some tea, whether it is rooibos tea, green tea, vanilla tea, white tea, or the wonderful black tea, they will always have that continue enjoyment after it has been consumed and most often when it is being consumed. The minerals and collaboration work together to create some of the leading cures that scientist are still baffled by but are beginning to understand its root.

Increased Energy
With the consumption of this tea, there is a large amount of energy that is created. From both the attitude and also the momentum of the routine, these additions will only enhance the energy that’s being experienced. The energy can be applied for many things and it often is. Although it is very valuable to understand that when there is an increase in energy, a direction is almost either being approached or distanced and the person should have a plan for his or her own day.

Gastronomical Effects
The benefits of black tea and just the health benefits of tea as a whole has gastronomical influences that will create somewhat of a difference to the individuals routine. Removing the blockages by easing the pain and allowing the flow there is an increase in vitality and a release of irritation.

Reduces Terminal Illness
Chance reduced creates the probability being minimized with cancer due to the increased ratio of the attitude being enhanced. People are more prone to make decisions and act when they are high in energy and therefore, a resting state is not an option. This will in turn create a more vital approach that is viable scientifically.

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Black Tea Effects
The effects of drinking black tea often have similar symptoms. While people who are drinking tea will have their own experience, it is often something that is memorable and sometimes there is just something that a person can't get enough of.

The health benefit of Tea so far has been nothing short of miraculous and it's no wonder why it becomes a part of people's day for many reasons. Learning more about the benefits will enliven the action and make it a more fulfilling experience.

Health Benefits Of Tea have a huge range and that's just the things that are known so far. The black tea effects on the mind and body are continuously being studied.