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Adams+Russell Releases Fresh Coffee Survey results

Espresso Machine takes top spot as the most popular brewing method among coffee drinkers. The most popular choice out of 10 different ways to brew coffee.

Flavour notes and roast is most important when choosing their coffee says Adams+Russell fresh coffee customers. Closely followed by the provision of detailed information on the products themselves.

Keep reading to find out more about the UK’s coffee drinking habits.

Who was asked?
The survey was created by Adams+Russell’s marketing team to get a better understanding of their customers.

Introducing Django Coffee Co.

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We are Django Coffee Co. a coffee roasting company that has taken inspiration from Melbourne’s flourishing and robust coffee scene to make it our mission to provide quality speciality coffee with a low environmental impact.

We source our own green coffee beans from coffee growers around the world and then roast the beans in small batches to be able to create unique flavours.

1920 Caffe UK

Since 1920, the Garibaldi family has built a reputation for quality coffee production. Originally from Genoa Italy, the Garibaldi family have roasting facilities in Alessandria which is in the Piedmont region of Northern Italy. All coffee produced by the Garibaldi family comes from selected worldwide plantations and are mixed according to original recipes to provide an excellent product for flavour and quality.

Never before available in the UK, 1920 Caffe UK supplies a range of coffee beans with a packed weight of 1kg. There are five types to suit all tastes from standard Espresso Bar, which is 100% robusta to Arabica, which is 100% Arabica bean. Coffee