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Introducing 1920 Caffe UK

Since 1920, the Garibaldi family has built a reputation for quality coffee production. Originally from Genoa Italy, the Garibaldi family have roasting facilities in Alessandria which is in the Piedmont region in Northern Italy. All coffee produced by the Garibaldi family comes from selected worldwide plantations and are mixed according to original recipes to provide an excellent product for flavour and quality.

Never before available in the UK, 1920 Caffe UK supplies a range of coffee beans with a packed weight of 1kg. There are five types to suit all tastes from standard Espresso Bar, which is 100% robusta to Arabica, which is 100% Arabica bean. Coffee

Introducing Long & Short Coffee

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Born out of a love for great tasting coffee and dislike for the overpriced, Long & Short Coffee is a roastery that brings the delights of speciality, third-wave and whatever other names are given for the best coffee around.

The key to our delicious coffee?

>Meticulous selection
>Fresh harvests and fresh roasts

Dog and Hat - new offer for CFUK members

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Dog & Hat has a great new offer for CFUK members
£5 off the first month or a free 250g bag once the standard subscription is purchased (2 x bags = £17 or 3 x bags = £24)

There are some extremely happy members discussing their subscriptions on

The best Hissmas ProDucktion you are ever likely to see

Viewer discretion is advised

Thanks @Snakehips and @MildredM for this fabulous performance

Want to know why your coffee tastes bitter, flat, stale?

Because your coffee beans are stale!

The freshness of your beans is the key to enjoying an excellent cup of coffee every time.
Supermarket stocked beans are generally stale by the time you grind them whatever their marketing department may say.
The problem with getting hold of fresh roasted beans is that they are expensive.
One of the market leaders in fresh bean subscriptions charges £7 for a 250g bag of roasted beans!!!!!
The cost of those beans raw? More like £2!

As paid up members of the coffee geek club we knew there must be a better way. We wanted to buy fresh green beans and roast them at home, keeping our coffee habit cheap but having

Adams + Russell Roasters teams up with Coffeeblog.co.uk

A New & Exciting Saturday Morning

Adams + Russell have proudly teamed up with the owner of coffeeblog.co.uk to bring the people of Liverpool a Free brew school.
Adams + Russell, based in Birkenhead, started the brew school. It was designed to give the people in the local district and surrounding areas something different on a Saturday morning.
The first part of the brew school gives visitors an insight into how fresh beans are roasted, where the green beans come from and the amazing smells you get from the different beans.
The second part explains how to make great coffee using different

Coffee equipment experts, La Marzocco, to host free coffee event ‘Out of the Box’ for the first time in Leeds this December 2nd, 2017

Following the success of the recently opened ‘La Marzocco Local’ office in Leeds and seeing the speciality scene in the North go from strength to strength, La Marzocco have decided to host their annual flagship event, Out of the Box, at Duke Studios on Saturday 2nd December 2017. Out of the Box is a cultural celebration, bringing together the local community through La Marzocco’s passion for amazing coffee!

Out of the Box provides the rare opportunity of sampling coffees from over 20 roasters within the UK and Europe. Visitors can try a wide range of Europe’s finest roasters at The True Artisan Café, where they can help themselves to coffees especially selected for the event. Think of it as the ultimate pick-n-mix coffee shop! The

The KRUVE Sifter Can Make Any Coffee Taste Better

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A creative Toronto-based company, KRUVE Inc., has developed a product that can make any coffee taste better, regardless of the brew method or grinder that is used.

With coffee lovers around the world becoming increasingly interested in the science behind the perfect cup, every second, gram, and degree is important. However, until now, grind